The Top Success Formulas from Steve Jobs

If you have been a crazy follower of the successful personalities in the world, Steve Jobs must be on the top of the list. You may remember when he died in the year 2011, there were thousands of tributes given to him online.

Much of the buzz about Jobs started revolving around when his sister, Mona Simpson, revealed the last words from this lagend. They were “Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow”. Almost everyone posted those words on Facebook for several days ahead. Probably, we came to know much more about Steve Jobs after his death – the true humane side of that successful person who lived an extraordinary life.

Many of you might be interested to know the success mantra he followed in his journey. Well, here we have listed the top success formulas from Steve Jobs that he mentioned during a few interviews before living this world.

Follow your passion

While addressing students at Stanford University in the year 2005, Jobs advised graduates to follow their passion. He said that your work is going to play an important role in your life and it has to be a truly satisfactory journey. People should not settle for anything; instead, they should identify their passion, dreams, and the trigger for satisfaction. Once you start following it, life gets better and better over time.

Make most of your time

In the same session, Jobs revealed his cancer diagnosis and the way it fuelled his life towards something better. He advised people to make the best out of every moment in life because the journey is very short and you never know what will happen next. So, make every moment precious while avoiding the trap of unnecessary thinking. He said that one should always follow the instinct and the desire of the heart to live a successful life.

Get surrounded by great people

Although he has received all the credits for his amazing role in the success of Apple, he has always denied the fact in several interviews. He used to say that he follows The Beatles model for business where four guys kept on balancing each other’s negative tendencies while creating a positive journey together. He believed that great businesses are not run by just one person; it is a team effort. Therefore, one should always stay surrounded by great people that can push each other towards growth and success in life.

Experience different things in life

We all know that Jobs lead a successful business; but very few of you might be aware of the fact that he also studied Buddhism, meditation, and Zen philosophy. He also visited India in search of a Guru. His idea behind exploring different things in life was that diverse experiences in life support creativity and motivate people to do something new in life. Moreover, he believed that one should always push people around to do great things in life.

You can also follow these formulas for success in life to lead a happy and satisfactory journey.

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