Sony PlayStation 5: Release date, launch games, and everything you need to know.

After a lot of huffs and puffs, Sony has released the PlayStation 5 which is being considered the generation leap in the video-gaming field. Sony’s new device has a higher capacity than its predecessors and is expected to bring revolutionary changes. The Sony PlayStation 5 has a faster Central Processing Unit and a new GPU combined with AMD. Also, the new PlayStation has a faster internal SSD. The sensible controllers with a smooth 4K gaming experience are provided in Sony’s new device launched.

 With the release of new products, the demand has sky-rocketed for the device. Priced at $499 and $300 dollars, the stocks vanished within minutes of pre-booking. The website went bonkers and only a few could lay their hands on the new product.  Because of the heavy demand and lack of availability, Indians couldn’t lay their hands on the product. Though PlayStation was officially launched in November 2020, Indians were made to wait till February 2021 to order the products. Currently, it is available on Sony India’s official platform for Indians to order. Despite the demand, the production of PS5 is going at a slower rate. So, in case you have got your order placed, consider yourself lucky.

 Upon unboxing the Sony PlayStation 5, the console comes with instruction manuals, warranty cards, Dual sense controllers along HDMI and converter cables. Compared to Sony’s previous editions of PlayStation, PS5 is enormous and occupies a good chunk of space on the table. PS5 comes with a round base and it helps to keep the device in a horizontal or vertical orientation. One of the appreciating features of the new device is the subtle curves that look futuristic. 

Talking about the setup, the User Interface is smooth and is easy to navigate the option. Also, there is no lag or slow down compared to their predecessors. Also, the setup is fairly easy and simple. It hardly takes a few minutes before leading us to the home screen. The built-in SSD is paired up with AMD and gives an exasperating experience to the user.  The console boots up in just 20 seconds, reducing the load time by 10 seconds. The games take a maximum period of 25 seconds to boot. 

The gaming experience is next to none. One can feel the smooth textures while playing whereas the audio experience is too idealistic. Though one can’t expect 120 frames per second game to run in a smoother fashion, at 60 frames per second, the PS5 is stable and performs the best. Also, the huge size has helped Sony to place a huge cooling fan. The huge cooling fans stop the device from getting heated after 30-40 minutes of gaming sessions.

The massive demand might be eased by the first half of 2021 and not before that. However, Sony PS5 has the capability to deliver games that are played on high-end gaming Personal Computers.