New Apple iPhone X Review

We have recently gone through the new Apple iPhone X which came into the market after a big launch event at the new spaceship style headquarters of the company in Cupertino. Many of you might be excited to know about this new gadget so that you can plan your investment.

Things to know about Apple iPhone X:

People may get attracted to the slender and sleek design of this iPhone that is finished with stainless steel and glass material. You may also notice a considerable difference in its impressive display that comes with fancy facial recognition ability which is named FaceID. At the same time, it has Super Retina Display which makes it more secure for the super-sensitive modern age users.

Apple has also worked on the camera unit and the upgraded version may definitely impress the users. But as it starts with a price tag of $999, many of you may think twice before buying one. It is also good to mention that this phone doesn’t come with a Home Button. It means you have to learn many new gestures to control the functions and app navigation on this gadget.

Well, there is no doubt to say that this new iPhone from Apple is loaded with many amazing features that are powered by the latest technology. However, before you decide on purchasing this smart device, it is good to go through the list of pros and cons.

Pros of Apple iPhone X:

  • Display

Apple X comes with a 5.8-inch OLED display; which is bigger than the iPhone 8 and Plus iPhone models. The manufacturers have added a Super Retina Display with a superior 1125×2436 pixel range which improves the thickness of the screen by a considerable level. Other than this, Apple has added TrueTone and 3D Touch programmed adjustments to this display to make it stand out from existing models in the market.

  • FaceID

The FaceID feature on Apple X works with a TrueDepth front camera that splashes almost 30,000 infrared dots on the face to recognize it. This sounds like a cool addition to this latest iPhone but this feature still needs some improvement to work effectively. Those who have more time to spend with the new facial recognition technology on this phone may also love the ability to play with animated emojis.

  • Camera

iPhone X is loaded with a new front and back camera that can enhance your experience with advanced features. You can access slow motion with high-definition shooting ability or switch to Portrait Lighting settings instantly to capture the best moments. The back-facing camera has dual 12-megapixel cameras with dual optical image stabilization ability.

Cons of Apple iPhone X:

  • No Home Button

Although manufacturers tried to make it a little different from existing phones in the market, the missing Home Button can be a problem for many users. You may have to spend several hours learning the new interface design. The Control Center may help you to multitask but only when you learn the handle the new commands.

  • The Pricetag

This iPhone is starting at $999 which clearly means that we will be spending around $1200 before getting out of the Apple store with this phone. Moreover, it will take a longer time to come into the market so that you can run to buy.

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