iOS 14 Update | How will it affect Facebook Ads

There has been a lot of news regarding the privacy concerns of the late and the likes of Facebook and Whatsapp have found themselves in the controversy. The recent roll-out of their new privacy policy drew a lot of criticisms from every sector. Despite them trying to convince their customers, the damage has already been done. Whatsapp tried to address the issue by floating a status on everyone’s number.

In a similar fashion, Apple iOS 14 update has caught Facebook in action after they have indulged in the privacy war again. The recent iOS 14 update tells their customer when they are to allow third-party advertisers.

The social networking giants, Facebook, are caught in action as they ask the iPhone and iPad users to allow the tracking of their devices. Facebook are asking for permission as it will help them to deliver the personalized ads. Facebook are trying to explain to their users how opting for notifications will help them to deliver the ads. The notification is popping up on the screens immediately before the company logo appears on the phone/mobile/desktop screens.

However, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has raised the issue over the iPhone update. He claimed that the iOS 14 update will affect the growth of businesses across the globe. The tracking by third-party advertisers is being notified to the users which will affect Facebook’s businesses.

This is not the first time when both the giants are at loggerheads. Both are fighting over the privacy issue. Taking the aim on Facebook, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook said that the business based on “data exploitation” must be scrutinized and must be reformed. He made his stance clear in Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference:

“If a business is built on misleading users, on data exploitation, on choices that are no choices at all, then it does not deserve our praise. It deserves reform,”

The remarks came after Facebook CEO’s rant regarding the recent iOS 14 updates which would diminish the ad targeting as the update would emphasize notifying third-party tracking. However, the complete implementation of the iOS update is on hold as Facebook criticized the update publicly. A full-page advertisement was given on the front page of the newspaper, criticizing Apple’s update.