How to Ensure Safety While Using Free Public Wi-Fi Connection?

If you prefer working remotely or are into a travel job, you may have to connect to public Wi-Fi more often. Unfortunately, these open connections make your device and valuable data vulnerable due to a rising number of security threats. Moreover, if you prefer saving most of your data on the cloud, Wi-Fi security is more crucial for you.

Our home-based Wi-Fi networks are often secured with passwords which makes it a little difficult for anyone to snoop into your router or device. But when you connect to the public Wi-Fi at an airport, library, or café, suspicious activities may occur anytime. Therefore, it is important to follow some safety practices while surfing on the public Wi-Fi connection.

Turn on your firewall

Although the Wi-Fi at a café might be protected with firewall software to protect users from external attackers, it cannot protect you from people that are surfing within the network. Therefore, it is important to turn on your computer’s firewall to avoid any attack on your data.

Protect your tablet or smartphone

If your tablet or smartphone connects to the Wi-Fi network, make sure it asks for permission before joining any public network. Many people do not change the default network name for their Wi-Fi. It means if you have once logged in to a Wi-Fi network at your friend’s place or at a café that you visit more often, your device may remember those details and will connect automatically whenever you come across that network in the future. Thus, it is important to check the settings and turn on the permissions before connection.

Use strong encryption

Encryption works by simply disguising data that is transferred between the computer to the router. If you don’t use encryption, the person sitting close to you in the café could intercept the traffic by using some special software and see what is traveling back and forth between the router and your device. It means, they can even check your emails, passwords, and financial details as well. The best solution to this is to make use of encrypted sites while surfing online. Check that the web address begins from HTTPS instead of HTTP.

While using a locally installed email software such as Entourage or Outlook, you need to protect the passwords and emails by using a secure socket layer for all accounts. This technique helps to encrypt all the data that you send and receive over email. Other than this, your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media pages must be encrypted well.

Experts advise using VPN services to manage complete security for data online. The most reliable VPN software can help you add an extra shield of security to all passwords, emails, instant messages, and websites as well. This is the most reliable solution for working using a public Wi-Fi connection.

When you want to ensure complete safety for your personal and business-related data, it is good to start using these public Wi-Fi safety tips right from today.

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