Cloud OS Options for Modern Age Computing

For the past several years, when we heard something talking about a local operating system on a computer, it was probably about Microsoft Windows or Mac OSX, maybe sometimes a Linux. In general terms, an operating system is basically responsible for telling your computer what to do, how to appear, and how to work. No computer can work without this.

However, with the advancements in technologies, cloud computing has come up with one more option – Cloud OS. It is mainly designed to run over the web browser which clearly means that along with this software, all your data and other programs will be stored on the internet, not on the local hard drive of your computer. Everything will come from the cloud directly, even your computer’s screen appearance, files that you create or save, and the applications that you access.

As all the data will be floating over an internet cloud, you can log in from any device to access the information; like PC, smartphone, or tablet as well. All that it needs is a web browser that contains all your data. The biggest benefit of switching to cloud OS is that your data and applications can stay securely over there. You need not worry about the hard drive crashes or losing your data due to any virus attack on your computer. However, it is important to mention that you need internet access every time to access whatever you want to use.

Some of you might be interested to know about the best Cloud OS for your system. Well, below we have listed a few of them to help you make easy selections:

Google Chrome OS

You might be aware of the fact that Google has recently partnered with Acer and Samsung to design Chromebooks. They are basically some tiny laptops that are designed to run Chrome OS. As they do not have any local operating system, they boot up instantly. There is only one thing that lives locally on your system and that is Google Chrome for sure; you can use it to access all your programs and files online.


As soon as you log in to Cloudo, you can access your personal desktop. The best thing about this cloud OS is that it makes your computer appear like the normal computer that you have been using for the past several years. You can adjust the settings of Cloudo Computer as per your choice to make it work like Window XP, Window Vista, or Mac OSX. Cloudo has its own set of applications including a calendar and word processor as well. However, when needed, you can also download other third-party apps as well.


If you invest in a netbook with Jolicloud OS, it can help you access web apps and other locally installed apps on your netbook. This system is more useful for frequent travelers as you are not always sure about accessing an internet connection on your way. You can use this netbook even on airplanes to finish some work before the meeting to which you are flying out of the city.

You can choose any of these cloud OS to enjoy the online storage of apps and data while ensuring enhanced security for routine computing.

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