Boost Your Productivity with These Top-Notch Cloud Tools

For many of you, the web can be the procrastination central. But in actual, it has tons of useful tools that can help you boost your productivity by a considerable level.

Cloud computing has changed the way we used to access applications and data in the past. It is now possible to run everything online, without requiring you to download or install any software on your system. You can find many such cloud tools that can make your life easier while helping you get things done fast.

Here we have listed a few such top-notch cloud tools that you can think of using to boost your productivity in the long run.

Google Apps

Ranging from the calendar to email and document sharing, Google Apps has an extensive range of free tools that you can access for everyday needs. The best part is that there is no need to install any of these fancy tools on your already loaded memory. Google Apps platform is basically easy to use, free, and cheap solution to handle your routines at work. Moreover, it can help you keep everything organized and easily accessible from anywhere, at any time.


Here is another cloud service that allows users to create folders on their device or computer. Whenever you make any changes to the document or the folder content on your system, the changes are automatically synchronized to the cloud. The best part is that Dropbox allows users to share files with other team members to work in collaboration. This is probably one of the best ideas for people working on the same project from remote locations.


This simple to use online file storage system helps people store up to 2G of music, photos, and files without even charging anything. This freely available cloud tool helps in the automatic backup so that you can manage all your documents and personal data safely. There is no need to worry about storing everything in your hard drive manually, Mozy can help you to save everything automatically.


If you have to hand over your phone or computer to someone to go through a PowerPoint or other document, this could be a frustrating experience. Well, with GoToMeeting, you can share your entire computer screen, IM, or talk via the web to any of your teammates. There is no need to get any specific software as well. This site comes with a 30 days free trial where you can host some online conferences for a group of 15 people. However, you can go ahead with a paid plan to access extended features of this productivity tool.


If you are not interested to spend money on any cloud-based conferencing tool, it is good to check out Skype for your needs. This free service allows people to do live video chats with a maximum of nine people at a time. Skype is definitely a great solution for less tech-savvy people out there. Moreover, it offers you many other powerful features; for example, you can even share documents via Skype. This is probably a great solution if you are just starting out a new business with a small team.

You can choose any of these cloud tools to handle your day to day business or personal activities online.

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