Best Money Management Apps for Enhanced Financial Stability

In this technology-powered world, you can invest money anywhere, on anything even from your phone. But instead of making your handset an account draining device, why not install some money management solution. After all, people who know money management can enjoy enhanced financial stability in life.

Well, there are plenty of money management apps that you can download on your handset to manage and track your hard-earned money. The great news is that many of these apps are even available for free. Below we have listed some of the best money management apps that can help you handle your income and spending with ease.


The Mint offers a free solution to help people manage their accounts, budgets, and to meet specific financial goals. It is possible to synchronize Mint with your credit card, bank account, retirement accounts, and loan accounts to monitor and categorize all transactions. For instance, you can create a category for monthly spending and Mint will keep a track of all your spending. The best part is that it is free and safe to use as well. The app promises users to manage all financial and personal details with the highest security.


For most people, it is usually difficult to manage and track their financial details for audit. Well, TripLog makes this task much easier. You have to pay only $4.49 to access this app and it can track all your mileage into four different categories such as medical, charity, business, and other. Note that this app is currently available only for iOS devices; however, if you wish to use it on Android, you can check out another similar kind of app – Cashbook.

Pay Off Debt

Those who are dealing with lots of debts from the past several years may need a reliable solution to prioritize the payments in the busy schedules. Pay Off Debts can help you better deal with your debts by paying only $2.99. This app sets priorities depending upon your pending balances and interest rates. It also provides details about how long it may take to repay your debts with your current repayment approach. The best part is that this magical app can help you stay motivated and on track to living a debt-free life.

Bloomberg Mobile

This app is a great choice to monitor your investments in mutual funds and stocks. This free app is available for all major mobile platforms and it can also help users access stock quotes, news, analysis, and trends. One can also create a custom list of preferred stocks so that you can monitor them on the go to plan your future investments. In short, this app can help you monitor every spike for the planned stock and the dollars that you can take as profit.

You can download any of these apps on your handset and start tracking your financial activities with ease. The best apps can help you stay free from debts while maintaining a healthy credit score.

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