Best Food Apps for Crazy Food Lovers

Food lovers are always excited to find some interesting ideas for delicious recipes. They keep on trying new ingredients and techniques to please their taste buds. But what not all those experiments turn out to be the best. Well, what if you get some food apps that can ease your journey with the best dishes ever. It is possible to use these creative apps to discover new proven cooking techniques and recipes that can serve your hunger with ease.

Here we have listed some of the best food apps for crazy food lovers:


Having Appetites on your phone is like having the Food Network show with you all the time. The great news is that it demonstrates every single step so beautifully that even beginners can follow them with ease. This app is available with a starter pack of 36 interactive video recipes that are developed by top cooking bloggers. You can access it with the payment of $4.99 only. However, it also offers many in-app purchases that you can use to access extra recipe sets. The only sad fact is that this app is available only for iPad users.

Your Kitchen Inspiration

This app is designed by the popular platform and it is loaded with thousands of creative recipes along with unlimited reviews. It can help you to discover many creative ideas for cooking. When you come across recipes that have received thousands of glowing reviews, you can definitely make up your mind to try that. You will be happy to hear that the free version of this app allows you to access an extensive range of recipes. However, by paying $4.99 only, you can also browse dishes by specialty and ethnicity, save the favorite dishes, and print the shopping list instantly.


This app makes use of GPS on your mobile to provide relevant details about nearby farmers’ markets and local farms. It will help you to buy fresh produce right from the people who grow it. Other than this, the app can also guide you better on which items belong to the specific season in the region where you are living right now. The items also get associated with nearby farmers’ markets so that you can plan your shopping with ease. You can access this app for free and it works perfectly well over Android, iPad, and iPhone.


Do you feel the water in your mouth when you look at photographs of some delicious recipes? Well, this happens with all food lovers. Moreover, these images can work as an inspiration to motivate you to cook certain recipes at home. Foodgawker app is designed with the same idea in mind. It can help you access an extensive collection of food photography from top food bloggers around the world. You can initiate a search for specific recipes, check out the photos, and then click for the recipe details. The best thing is that this app is available for free and it can be accessed on any web browser along with iPad and iPhone as well.

You can download any of these food apps on your mobile handset to start an incredible food journey.

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