Apps That Can Capture and Store Your Brilliant Ideas

The creative ideas in your mind don’t wait for the pen and paper to be around. They can ignite at any moment like when you are running, traveling, dining out with your friend, or while working at the office. If you miss to note them at that particular moment, you may lose the spark behind them. Well, the great news is that few mobile apps can help you capture and store all those brilliant ideas instantly.

Here we have listed a few such apps that you can think of installing on your phone right now to start writing all your thoughts and ideas with ease:


You might have heard about this app earlier as it has received huge popularity around the world for its mobile productivity space. It allows users to capture several things including documents, screens, audios, images, URL, and text as well. You can also add tags to each note so that the collection can be tracked with ease. These notes also sync to your device so that you can use them when offline. You can also access Evernote Trunk which is an extensive collection of third-party apps used to extend the functionality of this app.


There are so many things to discuss Springpad – its intuitive interface, neat feature set, and interactive drag and drop system with lots of engaging integrations. When you perform a search within the app, it keeps all your searches organized in specific categories. Type the name of the movie that you wish to see and you can add it to your Netflix, Amazon, or iTunes queue with just one click. Springpad also allows users to share notes instantly on Twitter and Facebook networks.


The moment you get a creative idea, you can leave a voicemail for yourself. But these voicemails are not searchable. Well, now you can do so by using Voice2Note and the collection can be instantly added to Evernote. This app allows users to record voice notes within Evernote. You can even call a number while speaking to your note. The app also allows using voice commands for tagging the notes in your Evernote account. Although you may not be able to achieve 100% accuracy with this app; but it is a great idea when you are not in a mood to write but find it easier to speak.


Well, this app doesn’t have any big collection of fancy extras; but it has all that you need to store your ideas instantly on your phone. The app allows users to type and share text notes on other platforms with ease. Note that this app doesn’t have any desktop version; however, you can use other third-party apps to sync it with your other non-iOS devices or computer.

Now you have gone through some interesting details about the best note-keeping apps. It is the right time to download the most suitable one on your handset and start saving your ideas instantly.

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