Apple rolls out macOS Big Sur 11.2 software update for Mac

One of the leading mobile and electronic device manufacturers, Apple have released a small update to its one of the iOS’, macOS 11 Big Sur, for supported devices i.e laptops and desktops. Apple have labeled it as 11.2 and it aims at improving the Bluetooth reliability and improving a lot of bugs in the previous operating system. 

Amongst the bugs, there was one issue that had gained a lot of critics. The issue was with the Mac mini in which the external displays were unable to display when used a converter. It used to show a simple black screen when HDMI-to-DVI converter. Moreover, the new update will also fix the issue of the System Preferences panel which was unable to unlock after the password was entered incorrectly. Apple have also taken care of the bug which affected the changes for Apple ProRAW images 

However, the recent changes might not be implemented all across the globe. The updates are currently available in only a few locations as well as few devices. One can visit the official website of Apple to get a complete overview regarding the newly available iOS update. 

Also, macOS 11.2 also aims at addressing the issue with respect to iCloud Drive which used to turn off after disabling the Desktop and Documents option. The bug has been fixed according to experts in the update. There was also about emojis and symbols which weren’t showing up when the Globe key was pressed. macOS 11.2 has solved that too in the recent update.

The macOS update follows the series of updates to iOS, watchOS, tvOS which were released a week earlier than macOS 11.2. These updates will help the users to scan the smaller QR codes as well as to identify the duplicate camera. The update aims to remove the non-genuine alternatives used by the repair shops to the Apple devices. Users will get a notification when the non-genuine alternative is used. 

watchOS 7.3, a new update to Apple’s smartwatches, comes with a “Time to Walk” workout feature and aims at improving the efficiency of the smart features. However, the update is available only in selected regions.